From the Director’s Desk

“Not progressing is Regressing” – This is the thought behind the Institute for Policy Research and Governance (IPRG). If we are moving in the right direction, with the right motive; the size of the step (small or big) doesn’t matter. The happiness and progress of nation and humanity should be the ultimate goal of our every thought.

Research based on facts, building awareness on government policies and a platform for engagement of people and institutions, helps to generate policy advice on issues. This also enables policy makers and the public at large to make informed decisions.

IPRG aims to contribute to economic and social policy debates by substantiating arguments through our research based findings. Also, discussions/seminars/talks help in sparking debates, sensitising people and encourage innovative thoughts. The other aspect of our spectrum of activities is to be an enabler in skill development as well as capacity building of Indian youth. We offer innovatively designed programs to students/researchers/ academicians and others at low cost.

Guidance and cooperation with like-minded individuals and organisations for strengthening research, policy advocacy and training programs for skill development; is welcome and will be highly appreciated.

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