Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s IPRG?

IPRG is stands for “Institute for Policy Research and Governance” is an organisation established as a not for profit organisation with the sole motive of playing a role in the country’s social, economic and cultural development. On one hand, the body aims to help governments make and implement better policies that prove to be beneficial to the society at large, whilst on the other hand; it aims to make people ‘better citizens’ by making them aware of the pressing socio-economic and other issues and, their responsibilities as citizens. Our vision is to become a body that would make consistent and significant contribution towards nation building through skill development and training programs specially designed for the youth of the country.

What type of activities IPRG does?

IPRG organises skill development and training programs specially for the youth of the country to make him a perfect Citizen.

How to Join IPRG

You may join IPRG by filling Join Us form and contribute to IPRG in many ways, by volunteering for skill development and other activities.


What does the word “BE RIGHT” symbolizes?

We as ordinary citizens of this country have an obligation to fulfill – we have to be better citizens of this country, be more aware of our rights and duties. Thus we want to inspire each one to be the “good citizens” – the ones who know what it takes to be aware of the fact that at some points in our life we must do something to give it back to the society. We aim to do this with empowering youth with our skill development programs that will be at the helm of IPRG’s activities.

What does the word “DO BETTER” symbolizes?

As the famous saying goes…” Rome was not built in a day” Good things take time to come to us! With small but concerted efforts we can make a difference. IPRG would organize events to sensitize people towards government’s policies and help governments govern better by helping them with our research based findings on government policies.

What does the word “BUILD GREAT” symbolizes?

Diasaku Ikeda, a world leader says..” If you are not progressing, you are regressing” – When consistent efforts are made, great results are achieved. The key is continuous effort. Thus, we would aim to keep progressing with small steps.