About IPRG

The Institute for Policy Research and Governance (IPRG) is an independent body that works for the purpose of social, economic and cultural upliftment of the society. The core areas of activity include macroeconomics, research on various economic, policy and governance issues, skill development and capacity building programs. The group works towards building awareness through sensitizing people towards government policies and helping governments govern better by submitting our research based findings, reports, stake holder discussions and deliberation reports. The Institute’s registered office is located in Gurugram, Haryana but the scope of the Institute’s activities is throughout India and also outside of it.

The Institute for Policy Research and Governance (IPRG) has renowned academicians, businessmen, bankers, social activists, journalists, politicians on the Advisory Board.

The Institute for Policy Research and Governance is an organisation established as a not for profit organisation with the sole motive of playing a role in the country’s social, economic and cultural development. On one hand, the body aims to help governments make and implement better policies that prove to be beneficial to the society at large, whilst on the other hand; it aims to make people ‘better citizens’ by making them aware of the pressing socio-economic and other issues and, their responsibilities as citizens. Our vision is to become a body that would make consistent and significant contribution towards nation building through skill development and training programs specially designed for the youth of the country.